8 Ways to Save Money this Summer

Summertime brings plenty of fun stuff with it – warmer weather, no classes (or, at least, fewer classes), and a more relaxed vibe across the board. Just because you’re in vacation-mode, doesn’t mean your spending should take on a life of its own.

Here are eight simple ways to save a little extra money this summer.

Pack your lunch.

Forking over a few dollars for lunch every day can be tempting, especially if everyone else at your internship is doing it. However, proceed with caution: those small expenses can add up over time! Bring a lunch from home at least a few times a week.

Walk or ride a bike.

Save money on gas – or Uber – by walking or biking to your destination when possible. Plus, the weather is nice and it’s good exercise! We call this a “win-win-win.”

Enjoy *fine* dining at home.

Passing up on social gatherings, like going out to dinner, can leave you with a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out). Instead of skipping the event altogether, why not offer up a fun alternative? Balmy summer nights are the perfect excuse to BBQ at home. Have everyone contribute something and fire up the grill.

Shake up your coffee order.

If your daily iced latte is non-negotiable, at least consider finding a way to trim down the costs. Since it’s a daily habit, skipping the flavor shot or opting for a smaller size will lead to savings that add up over time.

Opt for free activities.

A walk in the park, a town-sponsored concert…there are so many fun, summer activities you can do without spending money. Look online for local events, or just come up with a list of things you can do on your own.

Try the $5 bill savings method.

You might have seen this technique elsewhere before, but that’s because it works.

The method is simple: You’re not allowed to spend any $5 bills that land in your wallet for the whole summer. Instead, you have to automatically put them in savings somewhere – your piggy bank, the actual bank…it’s up to you. Train yourself to do this and you’ll be surprised how much you save over the course of a few months.

Skip an event now and then

If your friends offer up a pricey set of plans you’re not into, feel free to pass! You’ll regret spending money (and time) on something you’re not excited about, so save it for something better down the road.

Always check if there is a way to save.

Heading to the movies? Pass on the evening showings and go for the matinee. Getting ice cream with a friend? Check for coupons. Buying a new pair of shorts? Check for upcoming sales.

You get the idea.


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