Career Loan with Success Rewards® Terms & Conditions

Offer available to Career Loan borrowers whose approved application was received between June 27, 2018 and November 30, 2023.

Maximum reward amount of $150, maximum one reward per student borrower.

The reward will be fulfilled via a statement credit applied directly to the outstanding principal balance of the borrower’s fully disbursed, qualifying, College Ave student Career Loan with the highest interest rate at the time of redemption.

This statement credit will not apply toward any required minimum monthly payment due.

Borrowers will not be charged any additional fees in connection with the redemption of this reward.

College Ave will use information reported through the National Student Clearinghouse File and your Career loan application to determine if you have successfully completed your degree.

To redeem your reward:

  • College Ave will contact you via email (“College Ave Email”) to request verification that you have successfully completed your degree; and
  • Within 30 days of the date of the College Ave Email, you must upload a copy of your final transcript to the following website,, which will also be indicated in the College Ave Email.
  • If you do not receive the College Ave Email within 90 days after you complete your degree, you must contact College Ave at 844-803-0736 to request the College Ave Email.

Within 60 days of receiving your final transcript, College Ave will apply a $150 statement credit to your College Ave student loan, provided that all reward eligibility criteria are satisfied.

To qualify for the reward, you must successfully complete your degree no later than 5 years from the date of the first loan disbursement to the school.

You may change majors and/or transfer to a different school, but you must obtain at least the same level of degree or greater as your College Ave loan was intended to fund within the 5-year period.

The loan must not have been paid off, refinanced, or consolidated prior to redeeming the reward.

Please be advised this reward may be considered taxable income. We recommend you consult a tax professional for tax advice.

These Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notice. We may change them at any time including, but not limited to, discontinuing the program, changing the redemption method, or imposing additional conditions.