College Ave Student Loans Graduate Health Professions Loan

College Ave Student Loans is pleased to introduce our newest loan. Our simple application makes it easy for your graduate health professions students to apply for this loan which offers:

  • Low fixed and variable rates
  • Higher maximum loan limit
  • Higher aggregate loan limit which increases eligibility for your students
  • Longer repayment terms
  • Deferment options during residency or fellowship in addition to the grace period

For detailed information see our fact sheet

College Ave Student Loan Lender Information

Lender Name

College Ave Student Loans

Lender Code


Guarantor Code


Alternative Codes

  • U06 – Undergraduate Loan
  • U07 – Graduate Loan
  • U09 – MBA Loan
  • U11 – Dental School Loan
  • U12 – Law School Loan
  • U13 – Parent/Sponsor Loan
  • U17 – Medical School Loan
  • U99 – Refinance Loan
  • 40E – Graduate Health Professions

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Contact us if you or your students have questions about our new Graduate Health Professions Loan. You may also contact your Campus Development representative for additional information or questions.