Build Your Credit, Achieve Your Goals

Set sights on a brighter financial future by establishing a positive credit history easily and safely with the Ambition Mastercard®. Start building credit with your everyday purchases and on-time payments1. From textbooks to take-out, we’ve got you covered.

  • No credit check to qualify.
  • No interest or late fees2.
  • Cash back on all purchases3.
  • Built-in fraud protection.

How Does Ambition Compare?

Here's why it's the best of both worlds:

Ambition Card Credit Cards Debit Cards
No credit check to qualify
No interest charges2
No late fees2
Impacts your credit score1

How Ambition Card Works


Sign Up

Start your credit journey in minutes. There is no credit check, and the sign up process is fast & easy.

ambition signup

Make A Deposit

Set your credit limit by downloading the app and transferring funds to your Ambition Card. Once you download the app start a transfer by linking your existing bank account.

Scan to download the mobile app

Ambition App QR code
ambition transfer

Start Using Your Card

Once your funds have been deposited into your Ambition Card account, you can start using your card to make purchases. While your physical card is on its way to you, you can add your card to your virtual wallet.

ambition card

Pay Your Balance

Once you receive your monthly statement, be sure to make your payment on time. Timely payments help build a positive credit history1. We report your payment activity to all three credit bureaus.

ambition pay

Why Building Credit is Important

Establishing and building credit early will put you on a fast track to a bright financial future1. While you make money moves with your new Ambition Card, we’ll report your on-time payments to all three major credit bureaus.

From groceries and gas to lattes and laptops, using your Ambition Card can help you qualify for things in the future, like:

An Apartment Lease

An apartment lease.

A Car Loan

A car loan.

Lower Interest Rates

A lower interest rate.

With a swipe or a tap, you can earn cash back3 on:

Earn cashback rewards with ambition

Food Delivery

Savor the delight of being rewarded with every food delivery order. You'll earn 1.25% cash back on each purchase.


Heading to class, meeting friends, or exploring your city? Earn 1.25% cash back on the rides that get you there.


Whether you're binge-watching your favorite shows or enjoying the latest blockbuster movie, feast your eyes on your favorites and earn 1.25% cash back for doing so.

All Other Purchases

Earn cash back on every other purchase you make!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Ambition Card questions, answered.

Ready to get started?

Start building a positive credit history1 with Ambition and download our mobile app from the App Store. Easily manage your new Ambition Mastercard®, right from your fingertips.



The Ambition Card is designed to help you build your credit history; however, a variety of factors impact your credit including payment history, utilization, derogatory marks, account age, total number of accounts, and inquiries—not all factors are equally weighted.


0% Annual Percentage Rate. Account is subject to a monthly account fee of $2, account fee is waived for the initial six-monthly billing cycles.


Cash back rewards are subject to the Ambition Rewards Terms & Conditions.


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Set sights on a brighter financial future by establishing a positive credit history easily and safely with Ambition Card.

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